Key Aspects of Outsourcing Software Testing Services and Quality Assurance

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Precedently, outsourcing was used only for reducing costs but nowadays this technique has become an effective approach for strategic orientation of management.  Usually, businesses prefer to outsource in order to cut cost, redirect energy and maximally benefit from using technology, resources and labor.

The main goal of outsourcing in these particular cases is to meet business needs by improving the quality of processes.

Software testing services range from custom verification to process consulting and specialized testing.

Testing and quality assurance is a shining example of using outsourced techniques for strategic management.  When outsourcing quality assurance services companies manage to lower business risks, increase the quality of their production apps and also improve current test processes.

Many companies trust outsourcing partners with the process so that it can be successfully completed. Typically, the partners are able to render both onsite and offshore outsourcing services.

You need to take into account some important aspects before outsourcing test automation and quality assurance.

Engagement models

It is primarily important to choose an engagement model during development of outsourcing plan. You need to select the outsourcing strategy that will help you decide whether to outsource your services totally or incrementally.


After signing a contract you will set to the mobilization period. This includes determining work breakdown structure, developing a test strategy, etc. Key aspects of the period are people, infrastructure, knowledge acquisition, processes.

Service-Level Agreements (SA)

SLA should provide detailed description of the service level delivered by an outsourcing vendor. There are the following SLAs types: efficiency, scope of work, client satisfaction, on-time delivery, sensitivity and system availability and downtime.


Outsourced software testing and QA services are in high demand since they provide thoroughness and objectivity.  Any testing provider ought to be aware of the challenges they may face while dealing with numerous vendors in different countries.


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