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Outsourcing Quality Assurance Is The Easiest and Shortest Way of Reproducing The Problem Situation

It sometimes happens that an identified error is quite difficult to reproduce. This error may manifest itself only at midnight, and only on a leap year, or may occur in response to a complex sequence of unexpected or infrequently performed actions of the user. But in any circumstance, when describing the way of reproducing this problem situation, please, keep in mind the following facts:

  • If the error is clear and easy to fix, then the problem will be worked out successfully.
  • If correcting the error requires a lot of time and effort or the programmer thinks that this is the case, he will start working with great reluctance.
  • If the problem arises when the user performs common actions in the program the senior managers will be interested in fixing this error.
  • If it seems to you that almost nobody will be able to detect the error, it will be corrected after all the others, lastly.

If you do not know how to deal with a particular problem situation, do not be upset, as outsourcing quality assurance is the best solution. You will not only be able to meet aggressive deadlines without additional external pressure but also save on your development costs.

Describing the simpler way to reproduce program error is not only associated with an increased chance of its correction, but also with simplified work of the programmer. By reducing the number of the steps you narrow the search to source of the error. Due to this, an error in the program is easier to find and the result is easier to test.

An Alternative Method to demonstrate program error detection

It sometimes happens that it is impossible to find a simpler way to reproduce the problem situation. There is still the same long sequence of steps that may seem difficult to perform in practice. As a result, in judging the importance of the problem, the project manager or a programmer might think that only few people are likely to face it one day.

Outsourcing software testing is a cost effective and quick option if you need a higher level of expertise and prompt yet effective help for your development process.

To change the impression, you may try to perform other actions that cause the same problem to arise. Two different ways to reproduce an error indicate that there is much more serious alarm. Their existence suggests that the error may be more global than it might seem at first sight: where there are two ways it is not a problem to find the third and fourth ones.

Do you want to pay less for work of testing specialists?? It makes sense to use outsourced testing services because they include considerable qa expertise at competitive price.

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