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QA consultants and other engaged specialists provide exploratory testing as a service with an assurance that software systems and products perform directly for the users. Sometimes exploratory testing is underestimated due to the fact that not a lot can understand its purpose and its impact on the final result. Exploratory testing services are aimed to carry out studies of the product while working with it.

The following tips will assure you that exploratory testing is a right and necessary approach in order to get a successful result.

Define a Goal

Exploratory testing allows you to check how the system will perform in the hands of the end user and at the same time to detect and eliminate bugs. When these goals are pursued you can achieve maximum effectiveness of the testing.

Plan a Testing Process without Scripting It

Exploratory testing doesn’t require scripting, but it is essential to practice and control it. It’s advisable to create a preliminary plan for exploratory testing and follow it.

There is no Need for Too Much Testing

Exploratory testing is not targeted to achieve a full coverage but is intended to detect bugs in a system, the defects that are impossible to find by means of other testing types. In general, these bugs may occur because of edge cases of testing. Respectful software testing companies will never neglect to perform such tests since they help to define how their product really works.

Exploratory Testing Cannot Be Executed without Certain Skills

Ordinarily, it is necessary to possess excellent testing skills and experience to run exploratory tests. Due to this reason, only a dedicated tester is able to cope with this demanding challenge.

Maintain a Clear Record of Your Steps

There is no need to document something invaluable; however, you should have a clear record of what you found out, how you did it and what you did. This will let you know if the session was a success.

Use Exploratory Tests Together with Test Automation

Resorting to automated testing services one may verify whether a system works according to the developers expectations. When using exploratory testing you can check whether the system works according to user expectations.

Non-Functional and Performance Tests Can Be Exploratory

Non-functional and performance tests can also be exploratory. Namely they help to track an increasing load on a system.

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