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It is a well-known fact that none of the qualitative software products is complete without testing. Testing is the most important stage in the software development life cycle. However, not all the companies have the corresponding work department of dedicated testers. The world experience has repeatedly proved that it is more beneficial to use the services of software testing outsourcing companies than to buy expensive hardware or spend money on advanced training of own personnel.

Foreign team involvement for full software testing life cycle

This service is very popular among the companies that don’t have time for staff training or they have no need to hire new employees.

Involvement of a dedicated testing team means:

  • Permanent team personnel – the testers – that have in-depth understanding of software testing, but in turn this helps to save time needed to enter into the product details;
  • Close interaction (discussions, collective conferences) of a business customer represented by a project manager, analysts and project developers as well as engineers-testers, reporting to the external organization;
  • No costs for the team accommodation: outsourced testers work in their own offices.
  • Individual involvement

Testing outsourcing companies usually work together with mature industrial organizations that tend to improve quality assurance and testing services. Full-time testers work at major software building, but routine mechanical work is done by engineers from outside. It is much more profitable to hire outsourced specialists in non-core software testing than to contribute the purchase of the hardware that will be needed only for one-time usage.

Expansion of existing team

Temporary increase in the market’s activity or necessity to issue few products at the same time can result in an active recruitment of new employees. Sometimes, such a situation can be anticipated and you can recruit the right employees in advance. In this case, the testers will start to work at the right time, thereby preventing the company from lacking new human resources. This helps avoid the problems associated with long-term project entry and the exchange of information, familiarization with communications and an introduction to the production process.

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