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Many software testing companies provide available and top-notch quality assurance services to corporate and digital sectors, the interactive entertainment to test multi-platform applications, enterprise apps, mobile games for the functionality, compatibility and compliance. In most cases, the clients are application developers, mobile game publishers, major corporate brands, digital marketing agencies.

Application testing services providers usually offer QA lab solutions, continuously extending device inventory and, of course, technical expertise so that to fully manage outsourced QA testing of multi-platform apps during the whole product development life cycle and prelaunch testing; in addition they can deliver post-launch maintenance and support for you to be sure that your apps keep on performing as expected on new OS versions and devices already after one time testing. All these measures are taken to prolong service life of your apps. Models of service delivery are truly versatile, and by this is meant that you may use the solution quite independently, or, on the other hand, integrate it solidly with quality assurance processes to achieve additional scalability and capacity.

Testing Scope

Actually, there are the main 3 types of testing to be performed:

  • Cloud Connectivity;
  • Live Testing;
  • Product QA.

Cloud Connectivity Services

Cloud connectivity service is delivered for connectivity and functionality testing of the API in respect of various cloud services. At the beginning, the testing can be done manually and afterwards, consequently, it is possible to make the process’s portions automated owing to the potential available.

Live Testing

Traditionally, live testing is carried out when the operating system is being upgraded.

Product QA

Commonly, this very testing is included into one of 3 categories (allocation of resources depends on test requirements and product nature):

  1. Submission of QA Readiness.
  2. Product Updates.
  3. QA Development begins with alpha testing and continues thru submission/ completion.

Product Quality Assurance services involve 5 separate areas to focus:

  1. Functionality Testing.
  2. Compliance Testing.
  3. Compatibility Testing.
  4. Structured Testing.
  5. Full Paythrough Testing.

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