What Staff of Technical Writing Company Are Responsible For

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Technical Documentation Writers

Technical authors or technical writers producing technical documentation are responsible for the user’s guide and other technical information content that comes with the software, as well as for independent technical and marketing documentation. They must keep track of all changes made to the original project, and know about all pending errors that affect the behavior of the program. Therefore, they, as many other qa specialists, tend to use an issue tracking system to control and manage the lifecycle of the project / product. Moreover, they continue using the tool after the final release of the product to maintain and manage it, namely deal with the list of issues that need to be solved in the post-release period.  Apart from the product itself, technical writers are interested in monitoring the progress of the work and should be aware of whether or not the developers are on schedule – all this affects how technical writers will work, specifically, whether or not they will have to speed up or slow down their working pace, or, conversely, to wait until a certain part of the product is built so that to proceed to describe it in the report. It is particularly important for staff of technical writing company to know at which point changes to the user interface will be stopped.

When writing documentation, its authors or the technical writers are often faced with one and the same problem – they find errors in the programs. Not only can testers generate reports on problems detected and enter them into a database but also the providers of technical writing service can do that.

Testers, in turn, periodically detect errors in the documentation. They often write comments directly on the copy of the documentation, but if it differs too much from the program, especially when the documentation complies with the requirements specification it is necessary to draw up a separate report on the issue.

And then if the changes are made to the program, they must be necessarily reflected in the documentation. Reports on incorrect behavior of the program are submitted to the technical writer when the error cannot be corrected – to enter the relevant information in the corresponding report field intended to contain outstanding issues. One might as well say that the work of the technical writers is very similar to the work of a programmer: both of them receive a problem report, make corrections to the documentation, mark the report Amended and return it for retesting.

As a matter of fact, technical writing outsourcing is a guarantee that you will be provided with quality content for your project / product documentation.

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