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Web applications are tested using the same classical test design techniques / approaches. Web application user interface is usually different than that of desktop software’s. Everyone knows how to use different web browsers because no special knowledge is needed to understand how they work.

But there are some nuances associated with the social and technological features of web applications which distinguish them from other types of applications, and which must be necessarily taken into account while the software is in the testing phase in order to achieve desirable test results.

Web testing service is meant to ensure quality of web apps. 

The Nuances of Such Tests:

  • an enormous diversity of technologies which lie behind a simple browser window mockup – virtually every Web application is not a standalone program, but is a part of the World Wide Web, and proper work of Web applications depends on of many varied components;
  • in a narrow and in a broad sense, rapid development of web-based apps involves  short releases, rapidly changing requirements, continuous improvement of existing technologies and the emergence of new ones. So under such circumstances it is hardly possible to avoid using services of a web testing company. It performs functional testing running automated tests for web apps in a variety of browsers to make sure that they work as expected.
  • an amazing variety of users, from casual visitors to permanent customers, from infants to the elderly, from beginners to hackers;
  • full disclosure of technologies, communication protocols, standards, and at the same time the need for particularly careful protection of data and technologies, taking into account the information specified in the preceding paragraph.

A Web Tester is Obliged to:

  • understand the principles of Web (application) performance and at the same time know what technologies are used on websites;
  • to know web application testing peculiarities in comparison with that of desktop applications;
  • be able to design tests considering the characteristics of Web applications and determine how many test cases are needed to cover all the functionality of the application;
  • be able to perform tests using tools, if necessary, to overcome the limitations imposed by the browser.

Website testing service is quite necessary to test a site for cross-browser compatibility on real browsers to discover stylish, layout and other browser-related problems. Also it is useful to identify defects that prevent users from exploiting a website effectively.   

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