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Once, at the dawn of the structured programming era, the only participants in the development process were programmers. They wrote software programs to facilitate the mathematical calculations or to automate other daily routine activities. Nowadays everything is different. Modern software systems are so large and complex therefore they are developed not by a single expert but by a team of specialists from different fields: programmers, analysts, system administrators, testers and end users since the process requires their coordinated and combined effort.

They all work together to develop software applications that contain millions of code lines. However, there is no guarantee that they will create perfect, defect-free programs without using independent testing services.  

Waterfall model of software development as a multilevel process is one of the oldest and the most well-known in the world: in this model, phases almost never overlap; testing commences only on completion of the development process; every phase is planned in sync with a corresponding phase of software development lifecycle. Accordingly, in order to move on to the next phase, you must fully complete the previous phase.

Offshore software testing is a useful service that becomes still more popular day by day. And why not to resort to it if it brings nothing but benefits!! Letting outsourced QA specialists do your work you have the chance to get more sizable returns on investments than you would do if hiring in-house experts.

Waterfall model is simple and easy or use, but it is not so versatile anymore as it was before. Due to fast changing requirements, the strictly structured process flow can become less advantageous and even can adversely affect the successful completion of system development. For this reason, nowadays the waterfall model is mostly used by large companies for large and complex projects that require a comprehensive risk management.

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Model:

  • +each stage should be fully documented;
  • +accuracy of time and cost estimates;
  • +process transparency for customers.
  • – the need for the approval of the full scope of system requirements already at the first stage;
  • – if you decide to change the requirements later once it is in the testing phase, it may be necessary to go back to earlier design phase – the concept stage and redo the work that has been already completed.

When you want to become a multitasker and simultaneously discover, investigate and learn about a given software app you should have exploring skills. If you have not them just use exploratory testing services from relevant specialists living in Ukraine.

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