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Process of software development includes several stages which have their own peculiarities. 

Requirements Analysis

Software development life cycle begins with the requirements analysis stage, during which the process participants set out to discuss the final product requirements. The goal of this stage is to describe the system requirements in detail. In addition, one should make sure that all the participants correctly understand what they are expected to do and how each requirement will be implemented.

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In many cases, testing specialists are also involved in the discussion therefore they can provide their feedback on the manufactured product and manage the process itself when needed.


In the design stage (which is also called as stage of architectural design) programmers and system architects develop a top-level system design of the system by following the requirements.

A variety of technical issues arising in the design phase are negotiated with all concerned parties including Customer. In the course of this discussion, they determine the technologies that will be used during the project development, team workload, restrictions, deadlines and budget. After approval of the requirements it is time to make good project decisions.

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Development and Coding

Once the requirements and product design are validated and approved, the organization moves to the next stage of the development life cycle that is the development work. At the same time the programmers start writing program code in accordance with the previously defined requirements.

System administrators prepare the software environment; front-end programmers develop user interface and logic of its interaction with the server.

In addition, programmers write unit-tests to verify functionality of each individual component of the source code, build software, review the written code and install deployed software in a ready software environment. This cycle is repeated as long as the requirements are fulfilled.

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