What Influences The Success of Multi-Platform Testing Services

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In order to know how a software app or a website works across various platforms and browsers, it is necessary to run multi-platform testing or cross-browser testing correspondingly. As a rule, web app or website does not work similarly in different browsers. This may be due to a version of the program under test, different behavior of the app / website on desktop and mobile devices as well as various test environments.

Software products are manually or automatically tested on the platforms that matter to the client. Multi-platform testing services are delivered to determine performance and functionality of the product on one or more real platforms.

As Usual, Software Programs are Tested Across the Most Popular Browsers:

  • Google Chrome.
  • Safari.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer and so on.

To run automated testing, software testers tend to use virtual machine environments in order to check how an application / website works in different versions of the same browser. Besides, it is common to resort to specialized online testing services to know how an app or website behaves on a plenty of devices and platforms.

Actually, it is often not enough to perform only automated testing since it does not allow you to thoroughly examine the interaction between the user and the application / website therefore it  makes sense to carry out manual testing so that to simulate the real world environment, namely to imitate how the target audience works on the application or website. As a result, it becomes possible to identify cross-browser issues in web services and programs.

If you want to verify how your website or web app works in different browsers and on different platforms you are recommended to decide in advance which browsers you need and choose the main browser to test your app in. Cross browser testing services are available to ensure your web site or app’s compatibility with most web browsers.  

The choice of browsers depends on the target population and region. For example, if the users are physically located in America or Western Europe, testing is to be done in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome but not in Opera since this browser is not popular with the public. If you really desire to know which browsers are the best to run tests in, please, do not hesitate and ask for advice from our QA cohesive team members and they will give you a comprehensive and useful answer.

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