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Unfortunately, it’s unreal to develop an ideal software which is free of bugs. It is people who create any program, and they are fallible. All of the products contain bug, sometimes even after release. In the article we will analyze, what IT specialists mean by “program error”.

What Is a Software Bug?

In most cases, a program error is defined as disagreement between the program behavior and its specification. But you should not use this definition as it is rather wrong.

Software may not meet its specification requirements document even when the latter is complete and accurate.

A software bug is a flaw, error, fault or failure in a computer program that causes it to behave unexpectedly or improperly and produce unintended results.

Quality Control Company is tasked with verifying whether a reported bug has been really fixed and new defects have not been introduced in the program.  

A program that compiles with a bad specification is not good itself. Therefore, there are the other two, more accurate definitions of a software bug.

  • If the program does not do what the user rightly expects it to, it means that, it contains an error.
  • There can be neither absolute definition of an error, nor the exact criterion by which one can determine the presence of bugs in the program. We can only say, whether the program is doing its job well or not – however, it is extremely subjective characteristic indeed.

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Of course, the second definition does not apply to such obvious errors as those calculated by well-known formulas. Myers, a famous American computer scientist, does not give any definitions to errors associated with human factor. Obviously, this is an absolutely separate group of errors therefore there must be a specific approach to their analysis and troubleshooting.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to convince programmers that even the only disadvantage of graphical user interface is an error or, probably, very serious error, or even that the tester generally has the right to engage with such issues. But the users complain of such errors as often as they do when noticing the obvious failures.

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