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Client testing is a modern and progressive web products check-out procedure. It gives actual information about minimal product liveness, its functions or prototype from the real users’ side.

User (client) tests play a key role because they help developers team to find vulnerabilities of the user experience in the developed software. Early testing of the web product model allows fixing bugs and defects before the final release.

Finding and fixing bugs at the initial phase is a real saving of money and time!

So, to perform a user testing, you need to set an inspection plan, muster users, ask them to do some tasks, and record the obtained results. Then UX experts analyze these results, make their own conclusions and recommendations which can be used in the following software development.

It will be perfect if you perform user testing on a continuing basis, from one project to another. In fact, it helps reduce the risk to skip critical moments and thus it reduces real client’s cash expenses.

What Is UserTesting?



Nowadays there are lots of people who provide online user testing services on the Internet. One of such providers is This is a platform for online UX testing which allows clients to thoroughly check their web product and delete negative user experience.

This service can be used by marketing analysts, UX experts, e-commerce managers, as well as testers, developers, and designers. Certainly, such platforms allow testing products with real users and get their useful comments before the final release.

How Does Work?

Managers of this service cooperate with some companies all over the world. And these organizations want to have only actual information about their developed digital products.

In other words, you as a temporary member of, can help brands to create a correct digital experience, tell them about the logic of software performance (in your opinion), and about the ways of correct displaying of graphical content on web pages. So you can earn money for this job.

For Companies

Being a company representative you can visit their site and ask for a trial version of the software testing services. All you need is just to correctly fill out a form which includes information about your income from IT industry, contact name, office address, email, company name, and country.

If you are satisfied with this site after the trial period, then you can make use of the independent testing service for your web site or mobile app.

According to the specified business scenarios employees of UserTesting can help to select the perfect testing team which will provide you with useful information about the developed product.

Moreover, UserTesting operates from 2007. For organizations and companies, this is a great selection of big toolset for accurate and effective testing of feedback from real clients.

This product is very popular among corporate communities. On social networks, you can definitely find a lot of positive responses about their productivity.

There are 2 accounts versions for the companies:

  • Basic (individual data plan);
  • Pro version (enterprise plan).
Basic and Pro version

Basic and Pro version

The basic version costs 49 dollars and provides up to 15 video sessions per the calendar year. A client gets a set of basic options for qualitative testing and access to pre-loaded testing samples.

The Pro version has its own advantages. In particular, there is a free trial version with advanced functionality for correct testing, with a numerical value, analysis of user satisfaction, administrative control, and qualitative video player.

Corporate clients may use longitudinal surveys which contains special periodical reports about changes in your software UX with the passing of time.

Test execution is very simple. The system offers audio and video format for asked questions. A corporate client can alternately switch between test records and analyze where the user faces difficulties, how much time it takes to complete the assigned task, and so on.

For QA Specialists

Who else but specialized testers are the perfect choice for checking the software operability.

If you are registered in UserTesting as a dedicated tester, you will be offered tests, primarily based on your profile, as well as tests to evaluate your technical abilities.

As an example. The platform has an uploaded test for a website specializing in online shopping. As a tester, you should pass a check where you need to answer special questions: how often do you buy products on the Internet, which sites do you visit, what do you think is the safest payment method.

If your answers correspond to the type of tester that is needed at the moment, the system will allow you to pass the ordered test.

UserTesting Services – Fake or Complete Legality?

Performing user testing on the UserTesting website is legal and does not contain fraudulent schemes. Everyone can really earn some money after completing the tasks. The service does not ask to pay for the registration (if you are a tester) and does not issue commission bills after you make a profit.

Without a doubt, this is a clear and legitimate activity. The platform contains a simple and intuitive registration form. To join the team of the UserTesting’s testers, you just need to sign up, send a sample test to the administration of the service, wait for its validation and that’s all!

By the way, the tester gets all income through the PayPal account settings. Remember this.

Can You Make Good Money on This Service?

On average, you can get about 60 dollars for a full test on this site.

It’s important to realize that there you can make only temporary income. You should not consider it the main source of finance income. That’s because the amount of work on this platform depends on many factors: your score, current location, a portfolio with your previous tests and others.

The Current Rate for the Tasks

First of all, the task rate depends on the kind of executed test and time you need for this. Usually, the rate for one test is 3-62 dollars. Average test rate is 10 USD indeed.

The site pays up to 10 dollars for some task in a 20-minute video. Tester just needs to go to the site, follow some instructions, fulfill assigned tasks (both on PC and portable device). And after this, he/she should make a detailed report about the actual level of interaction between tested software and potential user.

Moreover, you must have good English because you have to use special technical terms in your reports. Such activity takes up to 20 minutes.

As a rule, you get your money for a performed task in 7 continuous days after the work is done.

How to Choose Tests on UserTesting.Com If You’re a Beginner?

There are some effective tips on how you can quickly get a well-paid task and perform it qualitatively.

  • When you receive a test assignment, make sure that the picture and audio tracks are of good quality.
  • Improve your English. It is not necessary to speak fluently, you just need to clearly and correctly understand at least the basic terms and descriptions. You must be able to express your thoughts using simple basic words.
  • Also, prepare your workplace (good Internet connection, headset, the quiet and relaxing atmosphere around you).
  • Speak clearly and competently.
  • Finally, provide the most comprehensive feedback to the customer and comments on the most problematic places.

Advantages and Disadvantages of This Service

A tester should be at least 18 years old. The system allows completing the tasks only for people who are 18+.

Advantages of UserTesting

  1. The clear and legal way to make extra money;
  2. Open registration process;
  3. Tester confirmation takes place for 48 hours;
  4. Payment through PayPal;
  5. Useful materials which help new users to know the site services better;
  6. In addition, you don’t need any registration or legal papers to sign up the site;
  7. Fair rate from 3 to 60 USD;
  8. No cash investments. All candidates are chosen according to their skills, abilities, and portfolio.

Disadvantages of UserTesting

  1. There are no newsletters with new tasks on the email that was mentioned during registration;
  2. You can often see the tests which don’t fit the level of the current scale;
  3. Furthermore, it is difficult to find a big task;
  4. Good knowledge of English and terminology;
  5. It is not a main source of income;
  6. Finally, mobile version of the platform is difficult to use and badly behaved.

Conclusion is a great service for performing UX testing of web sites and mobile apps. Moreover, as a corporate client, you can use its functionality in order to get quick and accurate feedback which helps to improve the quality of developed software.

There are corporate and individual versions.

For QA specialists it is a great place to earn extra money. You just need to have good English, understand the meaning of technical terms and have experience in similar tasks.
This site has legal payment system through PayPal. Meaning, you can be sure, you will get all that you have earned here.

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