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Very often technical writing is underestimated, though it plays a crucial role in how products, services and companies are received. In most business organizations documentation writing is not a core competency. This is where technical writing services of off-site companies can be helpful. But even a competent outsource QA company may face some troubles in writing technical content. So there is a list of most common advices of what to pay attention at when technical writing is concerned.

1. Make it Simple

A number 1 advice for writing issues about technology is not to make complicated things even more complicated. Write in short sentences, preferably in present tense and active voice. The main idea is to make it clear for the reader, so keep that in mind when providing technical writing services.

2. Try the Product
Before you start writing about anything, make sure you know this product. If you can test it, then do it! This is the best way to be correct and accurate in description. It especially concerns technical writing about software product. In this case localization testing services should be applied.

3. Know Your Target Audience
This is the crucial point to understand for whom technical writing content is meant. The level of detalization depends on whether the audience is aware of technical aspects of the issue or these are non-technical consumers. Thus, when providing technical writing services or outsource QA and testing, for a start discover who your target audience is.

4. Avoid Inconsistence
When working in a team that provides technical writing services it is very important to keep the style consistent. The best way is to work out a style guide to keep up with the requirements mentioned there, for instance, to clarify such issues as British vs American spelling, list structure, capitalization, etc. In this context the risk of inconsistence will be low.

5. Structure Your Writing
It is recommended to organize your work properly in order to cover every aspect of technical content. Experienced companies that provide technical writing services used to structure the text in a most effective way so that it is easier for a reader to comprehend the information. The best advice is to arrange the text logically and effectively.

Top 5 Tips to Assist in Technical Writing Services

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