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Determine The Numerical Value Ranges

Every time when a new range of values ​​is detected, together with them, several equivalence classes appear. Typically, there are three inadmissible classes among them, all numbers which are less than the lower limit of the range, all numbers greater than its upper limit value, and non-numeric data.

Sometimes one of these classes is unavailable. For example, numbers of any size are allowed. Make sure that this is indeed the case. Try to enter very large number and see what happens.

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In addition to the above (equivalence classes), you should also see whether or not the values of the test parameter have sub-ranges, for example, as with tax rates. Each sub-range is a separate equivalence class. Invalid classes will be located below the lowest range and above the upper one.

Determine Which of The Values ​​Are Contained in Fields or Parameters Receiving Fixed Values Lists

If only a certain list of values is allowed for the parameter, one of the equivalence classes may include all of the values ​​from the list, and the other – all the other values. Subsequently, these two classes can be divided into a number of smaller classes.

For example, if you enter the name of the country in a field, the class of valid values ​​includes the names of all countries in the world. A class of invalid values ​​will include any combination of characters, which is the name of the country.

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But what about the acronyms, spelling errors, national variants of pronunciation of country names or the old names that are missing today? Should you check these values ​​by dividing them in separate classes? As the specification does not contain all of these options, there is a probability that you may encounter an error when trying to enter them.

When you enter the names, the program may immediately start checking the characters being typed. They should be uppercase or lowercase letters. Anything that is not the letter, refers to a class of invalid values. It, in turn, can be divided into subclasses. It is worth considering the languages, including numerous accented symbols.

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