The Peculiarities of Performance & Installation Testing Services

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Installation Testing

When installing a program product, dedicated testing team verifies the software ability to be installed in a specific environment. In case of desktop application, the program is installed on PC.

 During Installation Testing, It is Important to Ensure That:

  • The program is installed to a specified path on the computer’s disk space.
  • All the necessary program files are also installed.
  • Temporary files are deleted when installing a program.
  • Dynamic link library are registered in the operating system – it’s relevant for Windows OS.
  • System configuration information centrally stored in a hierarchal database called Registry (also relevant for Windows OS).
  • The program is installed, if the user profile is necessary to do so for this operating system.

If the mentioned above requirements to a program, then its use is not possible. In this case, testing of the product is finished on this stage, testers open relevant defects and the program is stopped for revision.

Performance Testing

Performance testing as a service is conducted to validate the performance of the software program or a product. When software testers execute performance testing, they check a program behavior, its sensitivity and stability, depending on the specific load. Load testing service and stress testing as a service are subtypes of performance testing. Depending on declared requirements, the program should perform  embedded in her functions in accordance with the bandwidth and processing time.


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