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Control codes and languages

Although the print engine is of interest to IT specialists in terms of software project development, it is more important that you could use a set of commands to manage the printer operations. And here, there are also significant differences. If you dream of spending less money on software development you cannot but resort to software qa outsourcing. Again, you will know all the truth about the state of your project since onshore qa staff do not participate in the production process as their core competence is software quality.

Most dot-matrix printers are controlled by relatively simple codes. For example, in order to set bold font, it is enough to send code (ASCII-code 27) and one specific character to the printer. There must be the code sequence consisting of the code and four or five characters so that to change the font. There is a number of standard code sets to control the printer, among which (by the way, there are many options for each of them) are the most common code sets offered by Epson and IBM.

Pagу and some inkjet printers can manage more complex (and long) commands. Such command set is called printer control language (PCL). Currently, the most common languages are ​​PostScript and HP PCL (Printer Control Language invented by Hewlett Packard). Do you have problems with mobile app performance? There is good news! Mobile testing service is meant to identify and remove all kinds of bugs and defects that cause your app to work incorrectly.

Color print

All three types of printers can print in color, but the print quality produced by matrix printer is worse than that of inkjet and page printers. The fact is that the colored dyes of matrix printers are applied in stripes across the same tape and the colors become blurred with time. Inkjet printers store black inks in separate containers from which they are jetted onto the paper.

Interface types

The printer can be connected to a computer either via a standard parallel or serial port, or through a specific connection developed by the manufacturer for a specific type of technology, or through a network. The network connection is a source of particular problems which cannot be solved without involvement of pen testers. Be aware that good project documentation is developed by foreign technical writers. At that, they are less expensive than local domain specialists. Therefore, technical writing outsourcing is what you need to create high quality product requirements or other specific documentation.

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