Selenium Testing Service: Windows Application Automation Using Winium

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Selenium is a portable open source automated testing framework for web applications on a plenty of web platforms and browsers. Its popularity has increased in recent years. There is a similarity between Selenium and other open source tools that have gained large-scale user adoption. It is not just a single utility but rather a software suite that caters to satisfy various testing needs of a company.

When provided, selenium testing service tends to be as effective as possible to achieve maximum automation coverage of your web app, cut operational costs and speed up time-to-market.

Selenium supports mobile and mobile web applications, web applications through appium. To automate windows apps it has been previously necessary to use certain external tools such as auto it, sikuli, etc. But now, one can resort to Minimum driver that simplifies browser automation testing. Selenium Web driver allows writing tests in any programming language it supports.

Using Selenium scripts it is possible to ensure functionality of the product and verify the most common use cases.

This Winium Can Provide Support for:

  • Universal Applications for Windows Phone or Windows Store.
  • Windows Desktop (WinForms, WPF) Apps.
  • Windows Phone Silverlight Applications.

Application testing service lets you thoroughly examine your software product to make that it is functionally correct and, if not, go to a lot of great trouble to ensure its highest quality.

Winium – automation framework for Windows apps, that is not still widely promoted. It is an open source project which can be found on Github. It is a Selenium-based tool used for testing Windows apps. In general, the utility of this kind can serve the good turn – tests can be written in any programming language using Selenium – framework that is loved by many automatized.

To begin using Winium you need to download and run Winium.Desktop.Driver.exe. Then it is time to start the IDE and write the code.

As you see everything is quite simple. All we need to do is to determine the route to the app under test. It should be done here: Desired Capabilities, or it can be a common calculator.

Everyone who has worked with Selenium will be able to work with Winium. These tools differ from each other only in locator search. For this purpose, there is UISpy.exe to be downloaded here.


If the app runs in the background and remains running there, then it will not work appropriately.

It is sometimes difficult to get the text from component that displays the output. Then you receive the error message:  NO Text property. The reason is probably that this type of component is defined as Image.

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