Independent Software Testing Companies: Familiarization with Spiral and Agile Development Models

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Independent software testing companies use different development life cycle models, and now we will get familiar with the two of them: spiral and agile methodologies.  

Spiral Model is a kind of iterative development, namely it combines the best features of both prototyping and waterfall models. Much attention is paid to hazard management because it is a risk-driven approach to software process. It resolves many difficulties of other development life cycle models.

Spiral Lifecycle Model Includes 4 Key Phases:

  1. Elaboration of goals, alternatives and restrictions.
  2. Significant amounts of risk analysis and prototyping.
  3. Intermediate software development.
  4. Lifecycle planning (next cycle).

From testing and quality assurance perspectives, risk enhance is a significant advantage when using spiral model for conceptual project development processes where the requirements are complicated and unstable (these can be multiply changed during the development of the project).

The author of the model, Barry Boehm, in his articles, gives detailed descriptions of these issues and adduces many weighty arguments in support of the model as well as provides recommendations on how to make the most of it.

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Agile Model is a suite of different approaches to software development life cycle and is based on so-called “Agile Manifesto”:

  • People and relationships are more important than processes and tools.
  • A useful product is more important than complete documentation.
  • Close cooperation between customer and developer is more important than agreement on contract terms.
  • Preparedness for changes is more important than adherence to the fixed ground-plan.

It is easy to suggest that agile methodology approach is rather a logical extension of other models: waterfall, iterative incremental, spiral and the others. Agile model is better applicable to small projects. Unfortunately, this approach is often used incorrectly owing to misunderstanding of fundamental principles of the Agile process.

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