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Outsourcing quality assurance you will benefit a lot from the service since then you will not have to hire full-time employees to do your testing work for you and pay them even for idle hours. Outsourcers get paid for the volume of work completed by them, when the result may be seen and, also, three-in-one: experience, objectivity and time savings is what you achieve when dealing with overseas experts in qa and testing field.

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for quality of the product and timely completion of its development. His task consists in maintaining the balance between cost of the work, workflow productivity, reliability of the product, its capabilities and development time, by using additional resources or reallocating available ones if needed. During this work, database of the issue tracking system becomes an extremely important source of information about the current state of the product and its compliance with the requirements specification.

Offshore quality assurance and testing services are provided to allow you to focus on your main processes while your products will be tested by really competent and experienced specialists.

The project manager determines which of the identified problems must be solved and in what order. He postpones consideration of some issues, and these may be re-analyzed at the respective meeting.

Many project managers review all open reports each week, identifying the problems of interaction between employees (including those associated with interpersonal relationships), large amounts of errors that indicate the vulnerabilities in the individual pieces of the code, bugs that are difficult to fix or that are introduced systematically. If a programmer or a programming team constantly makes the same mistakes, probably, this problem is to be given a special consideration and additional measures are to be taken. If the errors are related to lack of knowledge or experience in a particular field it is possible to carry out consultations or staff training sessions, or obtain the necessary literature to find the deficient information in it; it is also possible that programmers need additional debugging tools or lack some resources. One of the main tasks of the project manager is just asking and addressing the needs of personnel for technical assistance. Information about these requirements, he receives, in particular, while analyzing problems reports and from the comments available in these documents.

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