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Software development methodology is the framework used by the project manager to develop the task list. It describes the sequence of stages for the entire product lifecycle. There are the seven process models – the best practices in software development projects. The choice depends on project specifics, budgeting system, subjective preferences and even personal temperament of the head.

Actually, software development models are various techniques and processes selected for development the project based on its objectives and aims.

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Each model makes its own contribution to acceleration of the project and reduction of the development costs. Therefore, the manager must decide which of its elements are most likely to be subject to changes, and select the most flexible model to achieve greater returns on the investments. If, for example, the program has a limited number of features and none of them can be removed against all the odds, it is pointless to choose a model focusing on reducing the cost of the product by reducing its functions.

Waterfall is one of the oldest process models, which have been around since 70s, that involves sequential progression of activities through a series of phases up to the release of the product. This model works well for the project with well-defined requirements and simplifies the management of the project.

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As usual, any specialist in this area has a clear idea about the relative advantages and disadvantages of each software development model. However, in spite of the professional experience and a strong rationale, the suggestions are very subjective. In particular, the personal opinion about this issue can be given by each of the authors of software testing books, but these opinions will be different. With this in mind, you should never attempt to criticize the project manager for the wrong choice of development model.

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