Outsourcing Quality Assurance May Also Means That You Will Have a Quality Problem Report

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Report on an error identified may be submitted together with a floppy disk containing the test data, or a program that emulates user actions which cause the error to manifest itself. You may add printouts, screen copies or own additional explanations to the report. Put simply, anything that will help the programmer to take in the situation and understand your point of view, should be necessarily sent to him together with the report, and listed in the Application Field, so that to prevent this content from being accidentally lost.

Outsourcing quality assurance is really enough to ensure successful and smooth launch of your software products. When dealing with third party partners you are guaranteed to be able to save on your costs, time and efforts while improving quality of the developed apps in the most effective way.


In this report field the problem is stated very simply and briefly – in one or two lines. But this description must be sufficiently informative so that after reading it the employee can immediately gain a clear understanding of the problem. It will be also used to find the right report if it is necessary to refer to it over again. Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that the consolidated lists of errors will naturally have only a few fields: Report number, Degree of importance, and, probably, Report type and Problem.

If according to this short description the problem seems less serious than it actually is, there is a risk that the head will ignore the report. But you must not exaggerate too much otherwise you will gain the character of an alarmist.

Independent software testing consulting is provided across software app’s lifecycle stages. As a result, the final product contains almost zero errors and meets customer needs. QA consultants help clients to plan their test investments and control critical test processes to lower the total cost of developing quality software.

Even if the two problems look very similar, their brief descriptions in reports in no case should be the same.

The Problem field should not tell you how to reproduce the error. An example of a good description can be such a line: “Program crashes when trying to save the file under the invalid name”.

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