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While it is believed that localization testing is well-suited for any environment, there is a growing tendency to use testing practices during agile localization processes. Below you can see the ideas how to ensure on-cost and timely product releases, synchronous release in all languages and effective cooperation between team members.

A New Task: Localization

In general, agile teams are looking for releasing one product per iteration period. The more difficult thing is to release several multilingual products simultaneously. This effort seems to be sensible for English, Spanish and French versions, but it may be necessary for some teams to adapt the product in Greek, Hebrew or even Japanese languages that do not contain letters but characters.

Testing and Technical Practices for Localization

Commonly, the English releases are followed by localization schedules in order to get a ready build for localization testing. It is very effective to pick a small set of localization features that can motivate functional, linguistic, localization, English teams to work in sync. Also, when collaborating with the content team for identification of translated strings even before ingesting them into the system it becomes easier for the test team to carry out linguistic testing as early as possible. Dedicated SQA team offers high-quality software testing services aimed to bring a satisfaction to the customers.

Whereas the test team together with the product team is engaged in core English testing they are unlikely to pay no attention to adequate cycles for pseudo-localization and internationalization testing. Despite the correctness of these, people may be unsure of whether localization testing is valuable or not. That is why the test management team must primarily do their best for the team members to be rightly aware of all the three areas of testing.

Team Localization Procedures

It is imperative for the core functional testing team and localization testing team to collaborate so that localization testing effort can be effective. The members should discuss the areas where the product needs to be more stabilized, what tests are being used by the English-language team, whether positive or negative, or boundary or black data is being used, the details of matrix building process  for compatibility testing.

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