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The bottlenecks that affect the waiting time of a web user are the bandwidth of the application and the server, the speed of Internet connection and Network congestion. A server’s bandwidth (the speed with which it handles client requests) is not a problem, since hardware is easily accessible and cheap compared to the tools used to develop the site. The bandwidth of network, provided that the current Network load as well as the server hardware are adequately monitored, is easily increased before the traffic volume will exceed the volume threshold. Although the connection to Internet can be faster if some adjustments will be made to the technical plan, the actual speed of Internet remains extremely slow and will remain the same until the prices for high-speed connections are brought down to acceptable levels.


Despite the fact that almost anyone can afford to use network bandwidth, servers and Internet, it makes sense to spend money on these for one purpose only – effectively and efficiently use all this after the performance of a web application has been improved, rather than use these as a prelude or alternative to testing and web app performance tuning. When, after configuring the application, all current hardware resources are utilized in the most optimal way, it is reasonable to invest in new hardware and more powerful Internet connection.


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How can one achieve a major performance boost by using proper testing and configuration methods, considering the need to optimize the app’s performance before the hardware resources are expanded? Obviously, the success can be reached if you improve the performance of the application’s code itself. Why? The initial costs for a group of developers, managers and laborers are large enough to require the most efficient use of this resource. Optimized, efficient code at the least cost is obtained if enough time and resources are allocated for testing and performance tuning in the course of the traditional development cycle, and not with the subsequent upgrading of hardware and software as a reaction to the problems arising after release of the product. If you write the correct code at the very beginning, you will receive financial benefits (reduce maintenance costs) and moral ones (gain recognition from users, as evidenced by traffic growth).

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