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The main goal of software testing service is the release of the qualitative software product. Accordingly, the main goal of the dedicated testing team is to find out why software product does not work as expected, in other words, why the software product does not respond to the client’s functional and technical specifications and also to identify why the software program product causes side effects.

Software testing service is performed to cope with this problem as well; it is also helpful in finding plenty of defects and fixing them.

Software product testing is done in the following phases:

  • Test planning based on the technical and functional requirements.
  • Testing and documenting the errors and nonconformities that were found.
  • Correcting the mistakes found in the product.
  • Repeated.

Input data of software testing process:

  • Technical and functional specifications and documentation.
  • Software source.
  • Executable program modules that are installed as specified in the documentation.
  • Ready developments and software of third-party companies used for test process automation.

Output data of software testing process:

  • Specification and test plan of the software product.
  • Software scripts (codes) that automate software product testing process.
  • Bugs.
  • Software testing ( the final report).

Software quality assurance testing services are needed to ensure that your software satisfies and exceeds the expectations of your customers.

Software testing resources:

  • Reports and documentation.
  • Dedicated testing team.
  • Staff development department.
  • Computers, communication facilities, including the Internet, software, automation systems, automated software testing tools.

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