How Can a Tester Get Rid of Deception?

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A software tester should do everything to not be deceived in cases when other people can be deluded.

For example, a tester always tries not to be tricked by software – it should be tested using different data.

Testers also should avoid being deceived by test stories – they are not always detailed, can contradict terms of reference, or be irrelevant.

To not be tricked, QA engineers question their assumptions or team’s assumptions about the things they perfectly know.

Further, we’ll analyze possible ways of deception, that should be avoided by testers.

Diversification of each action

You should always combine your technical actions.

Sometimes do things that you usually don’t do.

Try to take the same actions using alternative methods of implementation.

Diversification of all the information

You prefer to constantly use the same data, don’t you?

What do you think about combining them?

You can use tools and methods that efficiently improve the quality of test information.

Diversification of each oracle

How do you know that something you have found is really a bug?

Do you use the same oracle?

Think about changing it to another one.

Diversification of everyone engaged in software testing

Each of us has a different experience and a level of perceiving certain things, therefore, you should engage some people in testing.

This will give testing various test ideas and fresh looks at problems and the ways to solve them.

The test environment should be reviewed

The test environment doesn’t always copy your live environment.

You should think about using different test environments to improve your knowledge about a system.

For example, the environment that has limitations can give very interesting data on the way a system functions under certain conditions.

Diversification of a starting point and don’t trust your sources completely

You shouldn’t start with the same point.

You should think about editing primary text.

Test stories may be incomplete and incorrect.

So you shouldn’t trust each story. It’s better to check them.

Diversification of the entire test model

Functionality is simply a certain change in a product’s state and there are other catalysts too.

Think about software testing architecture, business processes, and interfaces between systems inside your QA company.

The more models you analyze, the more ways to search for new ways of testing will be available for you.

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