Secrets of Efficient Software Digital Transformation

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Every user of digital products wishes anyway that his/her expectations will be completely satisfied.

Only companies and corporations that can really do this become one of the top brands in their field by a wide margin (regardless of the services they provide).

For any business, this can mean the following:

  • The constant development of a brand;
  • A rise in income, a rise in a share on the relevant market, a decrease in expenses.

Users of web products in 2021 don’t care in what way companies will satisfy their personal needs.

But many product companies have already understood that they need to adjust to the requests of such clients, by using such a thing as digital transformation.

We will talk about this further.

A Few Secrets of Effective Digital Transformation

A Few Secrets of Effective Digital Transformation

Digital strategy as part and parcel of digital transformation

Any digital transformation starts with strategy development.

You need to understand that simply investing in new technologies is not always efficient.

To make a released web product marketable and popular, you need to be attentive while developing and testing it (connecting to social networks or activating a chatbot is not a new thing).

You need to change a business model since this directly affects software systems and a philosophy of interaction with end-users.

So what should you start with?

Improve client experience

Only gradual work on managing client experience can improve user loyalty and also decrease the risk of their possible flight.

Digital transformation can help to look at client experience from another perspective, namely to invest in digital technologies, that help to gather client information, analyze and use them.

Adjusting to changing conditions

Any self-respecting QA company should think about its future on a market and monitor current tendencies of digital transformation.

But you need to implement each new thing (innovations) wisely: only in case you properly understand the advantages for certain business goals.

In the narrower sense, such adjustment means a possibility to develop software according to different methods of its usage.

For example, not every global business player has already made his/her websites responsive, though global mobile traffic has been higher than the desktop one since 2018.

According to the recent poll made by Oxford Economics and SAP, about 93% of respondents that are in some way connected with top management believe that only business digitalization can become a working catalyst for making a company survive on global markets.

Web technologies form global digital transformation

You can be competitive even not using innovations but only for the short term.

We will analyze further what web technologies can help to remain in business and what – help to extinguish your competitors.


Internet of Things is rightly considered a new method of development of an entire digital community.

IoT can help users connect their objects to a global network where they (things) can exchange data without our help.

Why is IoT useful?

  1. Helps to track each business surplus;
  2. Helps to instantly find issues, decreases the risk of possible expenses;
  3. Helps to automatically generate reports of all kinds.

IoT frequently uses so-called digital twins — a virtual representation of a real object, system, or process.

Such twins indicate a way to increase the efficiency of a physical object or process; provide a possibility to track a technical state of things and are also used to develop and promote new web solutions.


Today cloud solutions greatly simplify managing information and so several teams can simultaneously work on one project and this considerably decreases a level of expenses.

According to forecasts made by analysts, in 5-6 years, most global corporations will develop software themselves, 95% of which will be in the cloud and will contain microservice architecture in their base.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the most popular technical area in the field of digital business development.

Its main task is to make computers do necessary tasks with the help of self-education on a basis of a programmed algorithm.

Machine learning helps businesses to instantly create lines of products, services, record patterns of user behavior, and improve the attractiveness of web products for end-users.


Digital transformation is a new trend of web technologies, that rapidly becomes more and more popular.

You should select a certain type of tools to implement solutions of digital transformation, only by using specifics of your business.

Only work with innovative technologies helps companies all over the world gradually improve and compete in the market.

But you should also not forget that incorrect usage of digital transformation can be risky.

Product companies can start losing income if they build a strategy, select tools, and solve issues of software testing irresponsibly.

Only gradual joining digital transformation, taking modern changes of global business into account, can help you increase income and be leaders in your field for the long term.

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