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Do not be in a hurry to look for video game tester job if you do not know what skills employers will want from you. This article is intended to inform of education and requirements for the position.

Core Skills

  • Detail orientation. Testing is not for you if you are unable to find and fix bugs. These skills may be examined during a job interview.
  • Patience in maintaining long-term projects. It’s extremely important to possess tolerance towards boring and repetitive tasks.
  • Defect-finding & Investigation skills. It is not enough to encounter bugs by chance, but you also need to be able to reproduce the defects.
  • Analytical way of thinking. If you want to work for a company that considers testers as qualified specialists you should be able to think analytically and critically but not work as a monkey. What is meant by this? For instance, if you get regulatory documents mentioning that X and Y are to be accomplished by the game, your task consists of writing test scenarios which will cover various aspects of X and Y. This requirement is very common in software testing, needless to say about a game testing company.

Additional Skills

  • Good oral & communicative skills.  You should write perfect bug reports, and be good at explaining the reasons of some failures and problems. If a company holds to a formal procedure you will have to develop test cases and record your test strategy.
  • Team player. Testers are working in a company of other employees – probably among members of a dedicated testing team so that to earn money. So, all of you, collectively, should do their best to achieve the team goal but when people are egocentric they interfere with this endeavor. This means that you should be able to work together with all people, no matter whether you feel sympathy for them or not.
  • Time management skills. Every respective tester knows that time management is crucially important to perform a successful job.
  • Work ethics. This skill is crucially important for a tester. Bugs are easy to ignore and no one is likely to find out this deception.
  • Ability to handle stress. Being a stress resistant tester is a necessity at this job.

Game testing as a service is really invaluable since a game quality is everything, so it must be tested for functionality before being released. But every beginner tester should know that good knowledge, technical skills and experience are the most important factors for every job. Develop your skills and Good Luck!

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