First-Class QA Strategy for SaaS Solutions

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Every year more and more companies start implementing their corporate solutions in the cloud.

Global digital transformation is not new, it’s a common thing that should be taken into account and adopted.

This article will analyze three types of testing, that should be executed prior to bringing a developed SaaS solution to a global market.

Reasons for Testing SaaS Web Products

Reasons for Testing SaaS Web Products

Four reasons for testing SaaS web products

Reason 1: scale, but intelligently

Such functions as changing a level of software performance upon request give a possibility to reduce the costs spent on using the cloud.

Moreover, SaaS developers use methods of autoscaling, that help to define all available users and configure software completely according to planned modifications.

Reason 2: regular and instant updates

Taking the fact that the processes of editing and updating SaaS solutions are done constantly and on the basis of certain systematicity into account, a qualitative quality assurance strategy is what is needed to optimize the execution of this number of test cases.

Reason 3: multiple SaaS applications

Any SaaS system can be integrated with third-party services through API and these services can, in turn, check the security and performance of such cloud platforms.

Reason 4: constantly adjustable architecture

Considering any SaaS model flexible in configuring its settings, you can adjust software solutions to any business goals if there is such a need.

When software is being released, you should pay enough attention to this factor since even one broken functionality can lead to deformation in software code and, as a result, the software may contain numerous bugs and malfunctions.

So how should we test SaaS solutions?

Further, we’ll talk about some important tests that should be executed anyway, to ensure the quality of software that is being released is the highest.

Functional tests

When analyzing all levels of dependencies between components of IT solutions, QA engineers should ensure software works properly.

They should pay special attention to updated and non-updated software interfaces.

We should also mention that even common requirements cover hundreds of cases, adjusted to various client scripts, and testing numerous variations makes tests as accurate as possible.

Performance tests

Taking the fact that all SaaS solutions can vary due to the possible work of several users and constant scaling into consideration, only load and stress testing can help to find the highest spots of load and record accessible rates of software functioning.

Compatibility tests

Correct functioning on various web browsers and operating systems is important for SaaS web products.

Before a QA team starts executing compatibility tests, you need to collect and analyze information, received from a client, about an environment that is needed for testing and operating systems you should adjust your software to.

If the software is tested on numerous web browsers, systems, and platforms, you can cover all developed configurations with tests and make a product work non-stop.


To enter a market with a qualitative SaaS product, you need to make testing a part of a global IT strategy.

All required steps of testing a SaaS solution should be built on proven methods and rules of testing similar web products.

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