Best Software Testing Companies: Product Release Phase

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If you have at least some doubts that the app is really ready for release, continue testing it! The product is not going to fall into the hands of its users tomorrow, which means that you have more time, perhaps, a few days or weeks to improve it. If during this time you will manage to detect the catastrophic errors in this software you can even stop its production. Of course, it will cost your company dear, but release of low-quality product can cost it yet more dearly.

Bear in mind that best software testing companies are capable of performing the same tasks better than someone else – they have huge expertise in qa field and deliver contextualized testing solutions.

Another way out could be the immediate release of the new revised and corrected version of the product. People will buy the product as it is, and will soon receive its fixed & update version.

At this stage, automated testing completely stops, except for the cases when it is the only way to execute tests because they simply cannot be done manually. At the manufacturing stage of the product all your attention should be focused only on the execution of tests – neither on planning, nor on documentation.

If you are interested why people subject their software apps to certain workloads – the answer will be as follows: they want to optimize their performance. However, only professionals can be tasked with testing the product beyond its operational capacity and it is how they provide stress testing service on a regular basis.

Another important task at this stage is to prepare for the analysis of the next release of the product. No matter whether this job will be done by you or by someone else, but it must be well-planned. Now you have the most knowledge about the product, the maximum experience in testing, you can describe the process in detail. When the time for the next release comes, much will be already forgotten, moreover, it might not be soon, and meanwhile you will be busy on another project.

Organize the documentation. Write notes and recommendations for a specialist who will be the next to do the job, after you are done with your tasks. Print a list of available test artifacts, providing the most important records with detailed comments. Your goal is to facilitate the testing of the next release of the product as much as possible.

Quality control companies help people meet demands of their customers by reviewing the quality of all aspects and factors involved in the manufacturing process and making sure that quality requirements are fully met.

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