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Functional testing service is an obligatory process during software development lifecycle, one of the types of software testing aimed at checking the correctness of software functional requirements with regard to the product’s actual properties. The main objective of functional testing as a service is to prove that software being developed has all the functionality that matters to its users.

Functional testing services help software Enterprises and vendors to ensure that their software functions correctly. Assessment of the product’s requirements is the initial stage of functional testing which is followed by a well-defined implementation plan that aligns functional testing goals with overall business objectives.

Depending on the purpose, functional testing may be performed:

  • On the basis of the functional requirements set forth in the requirements specification. At that it is necessary to create tests cases for testing purposes, taking into account priority of software functionality that must be covered with the test cases. Thus, we may make sure that all the functions of the software under development operate correctly despite the kinds of input data, their combinations, amount, etc.
  • Functional testing service (can be both manual and automated) is available to test the system based on what it is expected to do. It is a key element of improving the quality of the software being developed. This service is focused on boosting the efficiencies and delivering a top-notch product.
  • On the basis of business processes that are to be supported by the application. In this case, we are not as much interested in an efficiency of some software functions of the actual processes, in terms of scenarios according to which the system is used. Thus, in this case, testing is based on the system use cases. [/checklist]

The aspects described above are actualized with the help of the following types and levels of testing:

  • Module (component).
  • Integration.
  • System.
  • Regression.
  • Acceptance.
  • And many other types that ensure a full-fledged and exhaustive testing of functional requirements to software.

Do you know what the benefit of regression testing is? It is performed to discover new software defects, that are called regressions, in existing functional and non-functional areas of the system after the change is made. Regression testing services are provided to make you know that reported defects are fixed for every new release and there are no new quality problems during the maintenance process.

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