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Is it true that anyone can be a software tester? Nope, it is false! Despite the fact, that many non-software testers do not see any complexity in the testing job it is not at all easy to build a career as a software tester.

Testing activity requires relevant knowledge and skills otherwise, it will never be completed successfully. It is not easy as it might seem at first sight.

In order to hire software tester on a full-time or part-time basis, testing companies tend to run more than one check on job-seekers. They usually employ new staff on a trial period of up to ninety calendar days and this may be extended up to four months. And if at the end of the probationary period the employee’s performance has not improved the employer has the right to discharge the applicant.

It is worth bearing in mind that testing is a complicated and deep process. And those, who think that it is limited to button-clicking and waiting for the response, do not have the least idea of the work.

Peculiarities of Tester’s Work

Also, they are not aware of multiple things such as

  • a big importance of testing in each software development process,
  • his/her contribution towards establishing communication between business analysts and developers,
  • high level perspective of observing the whole picture,
  • his/her standards, its frameworks, its tools, its maturity levels, its regulatory necessity,
  • as well as techniques and approaches and several hundreds of valuable and logical grounds…

And it makes sense to give a glance at the list of software testing companies and find the dream testing provider! Take your chance of marketing high-quality software applications!

The Desire is Enough Condition to Become an Exceptional Tester!

Contrary to the abovesaid, a majority of people continue thinking that a testing job is so easy to do, therefore, it is within any person’s scope of abilities. But it is an erroneous opinion and must not be shared because it is a myth that all of us can be testers!

Almost all science/computer engineering graduates aim to be developers rather than testers. But according to certain research and individual experiences, requirements for developer and tester positions are more or less similar.

You need to have deep technical and solid soft skills. Besides, you should be strong in QA skills, coding, scripting, computer networks and databases. In addition, you are required to have good domain knowledge, communication skills, ability to apply logical thinking, problem-solving skills. And who knows, maybe one day with this skills set you will get a job in top software testing companies.

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