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Software testing service providers feel the burden of defect detection and prevention because they are always expected to uncover as many as they can.

Also, they have to ensure that none of these defects are missed but fixed, so this is an eternal and tormenting struggle. In each software development project, pass-fail ratios for test cases determine quality approval/disapproval decisions.

As soon as project leaders and upper managers discover that test results report contains 90% of errors they get really distressed. So does all the project team, including the developers, who fell even worse. Without any doubt, it is not the responsibility of the testing team to rehabilitate the project team but testers, anyway, should deliver their feedback fairly and effectively.

When best software testing companies observe 90% defect rate in a test execution report they ask themselves whether test cases are too complex. And the answer should definitely be “Nope!”

Any software tester knows that failures are caused not only by complex test cases. Moreover, simple test cases happen to fail from time to time but very complex test cases with the same logic, on the contrary, may pass. Either of these may take place because of the characteristics of any evaluation, design, or development of software application.

Providers of independent software testing services cannot determine the results of any testing activity before running the test cases. There is no guarantee that these will complete successfully or unsuccessfully in some context. Nevertheless, based on the experience of some testing specialists over the years, it is possible to claim that the most learning and benefit can be achieved by reaching 35-75% probability of defects.

Put it differently, if approximately 50 % of test cases are not passing then one can be totally sure that these test cases are developed in appropriate complexity. As a consequence,  a test suite involves less repetitive/redundant work and the defects turn out to be unique (a less number of duplicate failures). Besides, testing services company can stand assured of both functioning and nonfunctioning features.

Software testers should pay special attention to testing of execution results. They ought to detect defects as well as show deficiencies; at the same time, they need to be encouraging and demonstrating confidence in the program or in the project.

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