Why Do We Really Need Software Test Services?

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The testing process is an essential part of SQA services for obtaining more information about a product quality.

The product can be:

  • Software.
  • Program.
  • Operation System.
  • Website.
  • Hardware.
  • Personal Computer.
  • Mobile Devices (smartphone, tablet).

When validating the software product on its compliance with the declared requirements, characteristics and design, as well as whether the program works as expected. Nowadays, software testing as a service is an integral part of our life, because nearly all the spheres like, banking, medicine, education, E-commerce, business, and others use a high-tech equipment running on programs.

We expect that each program will perform its work as expected, but when errors happen – it can lead to various problems: money loss, bad reputation, etc. There are numerous examples when program failure caused severe consequences.

Why There Are Software Defects?

Oddly enough, the answer is simple – people are fallible. When developers make a mistake in the code, it causes an error in the program or documentation. The program that has a defect can perform in a wrong way, causing the failure.

Technology industry moves forward and the complicated interaction between different system components takes place, as well as the code becomes more complex, and there is little time for checking or the lack of human resources and knowledge.

Entree of Software Tester Profession

The process of documentation testing, programs and systems are essential for improving the quality of a product under development and reduce risks during its development. Software tester must not only detect bugs, but also verify their absence after the developers eliminated errors in the program.

Test results play a significant role for PM (Project Manager) and customer when deciding whether to start a further iteration of a program development or release a software product on the market.

The “Cost” of Every Software Development Stage

There are various cycles of software development, and each one possesses its own “price” of defect presence and its elimination.

On the documentation analysis stage – the price is not high because money wasn’t spent on resources and code writing. On the development & testing stage, the price will go higher. When the product is on its acceptance testing stage (the customer already has a ready product or the product is on the market) or on production stage – the price for bug detection and elimination would be biting.

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