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The QA sphere in the modern world of IT is developing really fast. On the one hand, it is great because we can see a huge desire to become a dedicated tester and start performing useful work for decent money.

On the other hand, there are many people who don’t have any experience or basic technical skills. Such pseudo-testers just want to join the world of bug and program code because they are sure that testing is the simplest way to get into the IT-sphere.

Nevertheless, we will not talk about such kind of people. We will speak about those people who want to know how and why all these things work.

ISTQB logo

ISTQB logo

On the Internet, you can see many questions about the books or other sources of information that should be studied by all the testers at every stage of their working career. How to improve one’s knowledge and be familiar with all relevant testing techniques and methodologies?

In fact, there can be one answer to all these questions – study various literature as much as possible. But just like in the case of a teacher or doctor, testers should not forget about rationality. In other words, you can study a lot of different materials but their profit will be insignificant.

And thus, we can talk about ISTQB certificates which can check one’s real knowledge in the software testing sphere and see the possible further professional growth.

Moreover, after passing this exam, one can get documented proof of one’s knowledge. It can play a key role while changing a job, for example.

How Can ISTQB Certification Be Useful?

Opportunity to Increase the Chances of Successful Employment or Salary Rise

If ordinary junior can have only basic skills, more dedicated tester will always be supposed to have a little more. It is not enough to know how to test, QA specialists also should see what other ways of testing are, which ones are more suitable, and in what cases.

Your Position in the World of Work Will Be Improved

Every year the number of testers from Ukraine and former CIS has been increasing. It means that if a QA specialist who doesn’t have an ISTQB certificate, wants to change the job, then he/she will probably become one of the unqualified people. This certificate gives odds even at the stage of first CV review by recruiters (QA recruitment) of the company you chose.

You Can Be in Demand (From a Professional Point of View)

There is some kind of people (in general, not in the QA sphere only) who got some professional knowledge and use it till retirement, feeling comfortable under current conditions. Can it be acceptable for a self-respecting tester? Everybody decides for himself/herself. But it is worth understanding that any current situation is just an interim stage before new developments. It will be better to constantly improve one’s knowledge and skills. ISTQB certification is a perfect way to do it!

The Definite Broadening of Outlook

Working in one or several testing companies, it is impossible to fully study one’s specialty. If you don’t learn anything new, your outlook is limited by a little knowledge and opportunities it gives. More knowledge allows making decisions more effectively and arguing at meetings and conferences.

You Will Become More Creative

The level of creativity while solving everyday tasks is definitely increasing. Where can one find new ideas? From the previous experience. ISTQB certification allows getting new knowledge, organizing and implementing it successfully. This certificate will give you more good ideas for the current project.

Classification of ISTQB certificates by level

Classification of ISTQB certificates by level

Preparation to ISTQB Certification

How to prepare for ISTQB testing quickly and qualitatively? There are various methods but you should follow recommendations from those people who already passed this exam and can give a useful tip.

  1. Accept the information the way it is. Everyone who wants to pass the ISTQB test already has some knowledge in the QA sphere. Thus, some part of the terminology seems pretty clear. But it will be wrong to think that books give incorrect information, only because you think so. As a rule, the information in the ISTQB is organized in a general way.
  2. Try to remember the correct meaning of the most important terms. Most questions on the exam are based on knowledge of terminology. It is some kind of the basis; and if you don’t know it, you won’t pass the exam.
  3. Complete tasks. Even if you will have only 1% of tasks on the exam (out of 100% questions) – it’s all right! Because, when you complete some tasks, you practice a skill which in the future (and along with your knowledge of theory) will benefit you a lot.
  4. Prepare with somebody. It is a well-known fact: when you teach somebody, you learn something new. You can meet with your group once a week and discuss what you have read.


To conclude we can say that there are a lot of reasons why everyone should prepare for ISTQB certification and what is the profit from it. If you constantly read specialized literature on testing, then this knowledge will be a perfect addition to your main competencies.

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