What Software Testing Certification Is the Best?

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A software testing certification is a controversial and deliberative topic.

Today International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) prevails and it’s considered the most successful and efficient IT certification.

This method to approve your QA skills has been developed from from ISEB — a popular certification made for testers of the British computer community in the first half of the 90s and in some time, it has become a separate type of certification for all interested testers.

Taking into account the fact that this certification has been passed millions of times and 700, 000 certificates have been delivered, it’s the most successful method to assess skills for future and present QA consultants.



Though ISTQB has delivered numerous certificates of a different type, it’s highly recommended to use different approaches to obtain a document that approves your technical skills.

If you prefer self-education, by using BBST courses and RST courses, you’ll get more profit than from a trivial web copy of “ISTQB certification”.

And don’t be afraid that if you pass another certification, not ISTQB, you will have fewer chances to obtain the job you wish. It’s not true!

But let’s return to the main topic of this article.

Analyze how a perfect certification should look if you organized corporate training for ISTQB certification.

Then think about better certification if you are, for example, an experienced tester that wishes to constantly develop his/her skills.

It’s no point to wonder what is better since numerous contextual factors and dependencies should be taken into account here.

Actually, following the standards of ISTQB only is not obligatory since this document is not the one that is important and popular.

Moreover, if you are interested in a proper point of view on this topic, pay attention to James Bach’s perspective, by visiting this page https://www.satisfice.com/blog/archives/5167

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