Advice by Contradiction: The Wrong Way to Write a Resume

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If you have completed the QA preparatory courses and have already started looking for a job that gives you a lot of money, then you cannot do without a high-quality resume. After all, knowledge is good, but any employer, first of all, studies the applicant’s resume for a position, and only after that conducts interviews and personal dialogues.

Here are the 6 most helpful and practical tips on how to write a resume that will significantly improve your chances of getting a top-notch position in software testing, or NOT!

Design and Semantic Structure

The resume in no case should be filled with the structural content of the text. Information in the resume should be clear, logical, and contain only relevant data.

Also, the resume should have some concealed subtext with your experience and a clear desire to get the desired position. And don’t forget to write such things in a hidden subtext, so that the potential employer could not immediately reveal all your intentions.

Alternatively, special design sketches and drawings can help show your desires. Things like this will definitely illumine any resume. This approach will show that you are a creative person and are well suited for solving complex and monotonous problems in the testing company of your choice.

Professional Skills

Feel free to add special puzzles to your resume for a potential employer. They are testers just like you, and they also like to solve diverse challenges. So, let them scratch their head and use their imagination to solve your puzzles.

You’re definitely not a bore to present information exclusively in the form of a table with employment details with dry figures. You’re not like that and will try to present it with entertaining text.

Narrative Language

You’ll probably have an interview in your country. This means that you will speak your native language and you can remove foreign words from your vocabulary.

English Qualification

In the resume, you do not need to clearly write that you are fluent in English or any other foreign language. Describing in detail how well you know it is a simple triviality. Most likely, you will be interviewed by someone from QA sphere, which means that knowledge of certain technical terms will become clear anyway. This approach can show how much you value your time and the time of the person talking to you.


The photo that you will use in your resume should be as informal as possible and very unexpected for a potential employer. Alternatively, use a photo from a vacation or an active pastime.

Size of Resume

It shouldn’t be either big or small. Keep the middle ground and try to make the resume no more than a couple of pages long. Making your resume should be similar to writing an essay.

Perhaps, with the help of such a resume, you will be able to knock any employer off his/her feet and instantly get the job of your dreams!

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