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External optimization involves the purchase or receipt of incoming free links to your website. Search engines use them as one of the most important ranking factors for over a decade, and the majority of top testing companies are sure that another dozen years links will have the impact on SEO testing as a service.

Another thing is that the role of link ranking is gradually decreasing. This factor is now heavily spammed by optimizers and not all links, and not from all resources, are taken into account by search engines, and if ignored, it is not always clear to what extent. It is one of the biggest problems of external optimization today — selection of good donor site.

Essential SEO Rules:

  • Referential weight should not be increased rapidly.
  • It’s ore preferable when SEO promoting to receive various reference mass, as according to the type of donors or anchors.
  • Choose donor sites that have the same subject.
  • Search engines better and faster take into account natural backlinks.
  • The best backlinks to place in the article is in the body rather than in the footer. Such backlinks the search engines will view more favorably.
  • It’s desirable for the donor site not to have sales links.
  • Your script must be placed exactly on the target page using the keywords from the text of the page itself.

Ways to Perform External SEO Optimization

  • It’s better to start your work from freeways that will require more time to spend on the computer. When you have some profit – then it’s better to use paid ways. Free links can be obtained with different ratings or counters, as well as profiles of trust resources.
  • There is a base of trust sites, but they cost money, and there is a high probability that people can cheat on you.
  • Link exchange with other resources can also bring you some value in SEO promotion, but we need to be careful because search engines do not approve of exchanges.
  • Further follow paid ways to improve external optimization – is buying links. Better, in my opinion, for your project to purchase eternal links, for which you will pay once. In the long run, they will be more profitable

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