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System testing is an essential part of the development process, a part of an overall quality assurance strategy that seeks to find and correct software defects. The modern systems become more and more complicated, and the system requirements undergo constant changes. Project developers often suffer from lack of time, funding, personnel, the special technical support and so on.  

As a result, project managers are in a rush to meet release deadlines, but this hustle negatively affects project quality. What is the way out of this difficulty?  Testing projects outsourcing allows businesses to reduce infrastructure investment, derisk deadlines, enhance product quality, accelerate time to market, etc.

External Testing Experts Carry Out:

  • Functional testing that is meant to check if your software works correctly.
  • Load testing which refers to determining the upper limits of the system’s operational capacity.
  • Automated tests which greatly facilitate validation work since this help to create test scripts capable of running any test for you.
  • Acceptance testing is used to validate the product against business requirements before delivering it to its purchasers.
  • System testing aims to verify the behavior of the entire, integrated system to make sure it complies with its specification requirements.

Testing outsourcing companies do not participate in the development process. Therefore, they provide an unbiased evaluation of robustness and functionality of software projects.   

Outsourcing your project to independent group people whose core competence is verifying and validating IT products you will be able to hurl all your efforts into your key business processes. The offshore partners are famous for their comprehensive capabilities and top quality services.  

QA Outsourcing is The Best Solution When You are Unsatisfied With Your Software & Look to:

  • Create project which fully meets the needs/expectations of the target population;
  • Achieve stable output of the systems and increase their effectiveness & operation; ensure their full compliance with business requirements.
  • Eliminate the loss risk associated with the need to neutralize the influence of the defects.
  • Organize the work of your project team and produce the higher quality final product.

There is a Full Spectrum of Third Party Software Testing Services:

  1. Consulting services include digital asset management, quality assurance process track, software development control, etc.  
  2. QA outsourcing is a testing process that covers all stages of the product’s life cycle including collection and analysis of requirements.
  3. Outstaffing is the rapid expansion of the organization’s resources with temporary external testing experts working directly on the customer’s premises.

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