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There are Three Groups of Usual Promotion Methods:

  • Internal optimization of the text, headlines, meta tags, removing of duplicate content, etc.
  • External SEO –free and paid ways of receiving incoming links on the website.
  • Usability testing as a service and the quality of content.

First two groups of factors are directed at attracting the maximal number of visitors from search engines. The third factor is directed at retaining the conquered positions.

In fact, the third is the most laborious one. SEO specialist must have useful and interesting content for users, to create which one needs to spend on computer lots of time. It’s essential to remember that nowadays only unique content will be successful, but not copy-paste. For that search engines may impose sanctions in the form of a filter or ban.

Your resource, in addition to good SEO, must meet certain technical requirements of search engines (no indexing takes pages, correct server response codes, etc.). Be sure to add your site to the Panel for webmasters from Google not only to monitor the success of your optimization but also to immediately learn about all technical problems encountered on your site. It’s now one of the many factors are taken into account in SEO ranking.

Internal SEO

Do you compose a semantic kernel before writing the article? “Why?” – you can ask me. It’s made for the following purpose – not to work in a blind and not to on the topic that no one will be interested.

In fact, the selection of keywords and Google query statistics analysis helped the majority of SEO dedicated testing teams not only in internal SEO but also in performing external optimization by means of providing anchor links and the landing page to which it should lead.

NB! Don’t forget about the Alt and Title attributes for the image tag. Neat added keywords will be taken into account when ranking in a regular search.

Another imperative factor of internal SEO optimization is the implementation of relinking, not only be means of plugins and extensions, namely contextual links from the body of the articles. Know why you need it? Yes so that you can save considerably on buying links.

Internal links have the same impact on SEO, as external and pass the static weight and when ranking search engines take into account anchors (text) of these links.


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