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Due to a rapid development of Internet technology, commerce and the network as a whole, there is a growing need for specialists in IT sector. Among them are the so-called web designers and webmasters; the former create custom websites, and the latter do website maintenance works.  And there is one more profession which has been gaining popularity in recent years – a web tester – the person who provides website testing services on regular basis.  

Who is Web Tester?

A web tester verifies not only web pages, internet sites, servers but also web applications. Besides, this work can be done by either a web tester or the other specialist who develops, upgrades and supports web-based apps as well as data-driven websites.

Testing Tools & Techniques

A web tester can and must use the software applications that are employed by any other tester. These are bug tracking systems, test case management tools, and automated testing utilities. The important thing to consider about web testing is that it should be done within specified time frame. If a software tester may carry out some testing process for months or even years, a web tester has quite a little time, literally some days or, at best, weeks to get the proposed website ready. Accordingly, if during the software applications testing, one can and should write detailed test plans, describe the test cases based on information received from the content developer, then, during web testing these practices can cause delay in publishing the content to Web.

What to Test & How?

Thus, to provide website testing service the tester needs to pay attention to the following general aspects:

Unity in Design. By this is meant keeping the current color scheme but not color compatibility of the elements.  

Navigation. This service lets you surf the web to look for information. Consequently, any user can easily find the desired topic, regardless of the mode of implementing the menu.

Functionality. Approaches to functional web testing are the same as those used for software application testing.  

Browser Compatibility. To make sure that any user can access necessary information, web pages are tested in different browsers.

User-friendliness.  When we speak of a user-friendly web application, we mean that it is easy to use and offers responsive and intuitive interface: it is easy to navigate, the menus behave correctly, and there are not many pop-ups available, all the links work. Web testing company will help you eliminate any problems with your web-based apps. Its staff will test the programs for potential defects before the code is ready for the production environments or before the app itself is made live.

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