Outsourced Software Testing: Runtime Environment (RTE) and Code-Based Testing Techniques

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When a software application is in a run-time state, it is possible to monitor and inspect its behavior and fix any defects encountered. A program under development is tested in the runtime environment. The programmer can test the software while it is running and observe how it is processing the instructions.

One and the same test may be performed across different environments.

  1. Development testing is a software test carried out during the development process and/or in a particular execution environment that is different from real-world environment. As a rule, this testing is performed by the developers of the program.

Outsourced software testing may integrate unit testing, coverage & static analysis, code review, defect identification & traceability.

Operational Testing

Code-based testing is often defined as a structured based testing technique. However, there are different interpretations of this process; some authors group together structured based testing technique and control flow testing, but others consider that these testing strategies are independent from one another. Forms of this white box technique are different combinations of testing types but traditionally they can be classified as follows:

  • Control flow testing – testing techniques family where test cases are created in order to activate and verify the sequence of events determined by testing of the application’s source code.  
  • Data-flow testing is a family of testing techniques based on selecting paths from the app’s control flow in order to investigate the sequence of events associated with changes in the status of variables.  

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  • State transition testing is a testing technique where test cases are developed to check the ability of the application to transit from one state to another. This testing applies to both object-oriented and procedural development. The system’s transition can be shown in a state table or state diagram. Sometimes this testing strategy is called finite state machine testing. The major advantage of this technique is that the testers get familiar with the application design and, as a result, they design effective tests. Also, this testing enables them to cover invalid and unplanned states.
  • Code review, code inspection is a stage in software development process in which peer reviews, qa specialists and the developers of the code work together to examine the code.

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