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Inaccurate command and function names

The SAVE command should not be used to delete a file or to sort its contents. If in English the word is given a certain meaning, the command named by this word must correspond to it.

Multiple titles of one function

The same function should not have several names in the program. The user should not puzzle his brains over the difference between the Shadow and ‘Apply Shadow’ commands.

Redundancy of information

Some sections of printed or online documentation contain so much technical details that the information necessary to the user simply gets lost among these superfluous particulars. If, in your opinion, all these technical details can be helpful to the user, think about putting them in a separate section or an application.

In some cases, too detailed guidance is simply an attempt to compensate for an unsuccessful design decision. Does the user really need all of this information? And is there no way to solve the problem that the programmer considers unsolvable?

Digital products tend to show improper behavior therefore these should be permanently checked for inconsistencies even if they work correctly. Problems may exist but do not manifest themselves until the software develops serious glitches. Using testing software services it is possible to identify any kind of errors before these do harm. It is always wise to verify mobile, desktop and web apps throughout their entire development. The earlier the defect is detected the less expensive will be its repair. Do not delay taking preventive measures and you will get what you want, namely your programs will never disappoint the target audience.

When are the data saved?

Suppose you enter information that the program should save. Are the data saved as you type, when you exit the program, on a separate user command, every 15 minutes, or somehow else? The user should have a simple way to find out how to act, and the answer must be absolutely unambiguous. If you have to deal with ambiguous behavior of the app, be sure to look for errors in it. Perhaps two modules of the program work inconsistently when performing this task.

Unsuccessful external structure

The product provided to the user usually consists of a number of components. How easy is it to understand each of them? The unsuccessful external structure of the product discourages beginners and the longer it takes to study it. The less the user needs to know so that to perform a certain task, the better.

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