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Nowadays, some may believe that there are too many testers in the field of IT. But this is absolutely not true! A lot of people only want to become testers.

Actually, there are still very few true professionals, and sometimes it happens that some product companies literally “fight” for such specialists. Some companies and even corporations stand to attract the young and promising, so they are willing to consider offers from novice professionals, and some put forward conditions exclusively for real experts in their field.

This article is a short list of the most attractive and interesting offers for all those who are looking for a job in software testing field with 1 year of experience or more.


Link – – connecting the world of iGaming

The iGaming web community is a new technology where users can operate sports betting and all of its related manipulations. The daily work of Caesars Digital’s staff makes it possible to add new functionality so that users can have the best web solution for their needs. The company constantly looks for like-minded people and those who are ready to start cooperation (including QA engineer candidates).



Basic requests for technical skills:

  1. Be familiar with software that allows you to create groups of custom scripts;
  2. Knowledge of Java, or the basics of Scala;
  3. Experience in CI/CD;
  4. Knowledge of Agile methodology;
  5. Be eager to know new insights and constantly monitor the development of web technologies;
  6. Motivation to be part of the most successful members of the project team.

The company fully guarantees equal employment opportunities and strictly adheres to all basics of the Labor Code.


Link – Flourish | Data Visualization & Storytelling

The firm specializes in sourcing and technical support for all interested investment advisors, providing them with specific financial products based on modern and easily scalable web technologies.

Flourish is constantly looking for QA engineers who are involved in the process of creating comprehensive test coverage for all Fintech innovations (from cash transactions to cryptocurrency interactions).

Basic responsibilities for the QA positions:

  • Design and technical support of automated tests;
  • Interaction with different departments to prioritize work tasks;
  • Developing and maintaining a centralized catalog of test cases;
  • Creating automated tests based on Python and TypeScript.


Preference is given to candidates with the following skills:

  1. Experience in FinTech services;
  2. Experience in creating test reporting systems;
  3. Knowledge of GraphQL, Jira, GitHub, Django, and Java.


Link – Manage your team’s work, projects & tasks online • Asana

The Framework Engineering’s project team of developers and testers, affiliated with Asana, develops and maintains APIs (both for internal use and with access to global markets). Framework Engineering is constantly looking for more and more new specialists who want to become a part of the global Asana family.

Job Requirements:

  1. Management of project teams specializing in testing back-end frameworks;
  2. Learning technical skills;
  3. Finding and implementing organizational opportunities to improve the Asana product.


Candidate Requirements:

  • QA experience – 2+ years;
  • Be ready to develop and improve technical skills;
  • Ability to conduct QA consulting correctly;
  • Communication skills and intellectual maturity.


Link – Internships at RippleMatch | RippleMatch

The company specializes in the development of technologies aimed at the efficiency of the search for young specialists, as well as the openness of the labor market to all comers. RippleMatch created its platform where employers and employees can find each other (by the way, such giants as eBay and Amazon are already closely cooperating with RippleMatch).



This company is always interested in experienced and capable software quality automation engineers with more than 1 year of experience. Each person who joins will be involved in the full stack of enterprise software, will be able to communicate with each member of the project team, and in the process improve the existing technical capabilities and learn new testing practices.

Prefered skills:

  1. Knowledge of automation, work with Selenium;
  2. Knowledge of object-oriented programming;
  3. Functional testing skills, with the ability to analyze data to find and optimize web component validation processes;
  4. Ability to work on Linux;
  5. Knowledge of Jenkins, CircleCi, and Github Actions.


Link –

This is a rapidly growing fintech services company that works with many payment giants around the world, namely Binance, Dashlane, and Wise.



The company aims to develop inclusive work teams that perform their frontline jobs based on customer needs and global financial services market trends. By the way, Checkouts has recently won the prestigious Great Place to Work certification, according to which about 89% of respondents consider it an ideal place to work.

Requirements for potential employees:

  • Personal interest in cryptocurrency topics;
  • Experience in working with clients (communication skills and critical thinking);
  • API testing skills.

To Summarize

As you can see, the variety of proposals in the field of QA shows that getting a tester job is not difficult. The most important thing is to go purposefully to your goal and consistently choose the jobs which number in the hundreds and thousands.

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