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This article greatly describes top 4 courses that are a perfect fit either for junior testers or senior QA engineers that want to improve their knowledge and develop their professional competencies.

Best Software Testing Courses

Best Software Testing Courses

Udemy courses

The Udemy portal gives a possibility to get personal access to numerous interesting courses on software testing.

The platform contains about 50 courses of various types, and each of them helps to develop QA skills.

All courses are developed by industry experts who have a huge experience in software development and testing.

When a trainee passes the courses, he/she will be able to understand the basics of software testing, including automation testing basics.

Advantages of these courses:

  • You will understand how to test various web services, REST API, how to create stable automation scripts;
  • You will learn how to create automation frameworks by using the Page Object/Factory Model;
  • You will get familiar with automation tools (SoapUI, Selenium, Jenkins, and TestNG);
  • You will understand what is QA as a service in simple terms.

Course length: is chosen by a student.

Nominal rate: 4.4 out of 5.

Price: depends on a selected course.

JS test automation basics (Otus)

It’s a good fit for manual testers who have more than 2 years of experience and who want to learn how to perform automated testing in JS.

It will also be helpful for junior testers that have little experience in automation.

After passing the courses, a trainee will learn how to work with Jest, Puppeteer, and other frameworks.

They will also learn how to build a test automation process to perform E2E, UI/ API testing.


  1. The first test will help you understand if this course is a good fit for you or not;
  2. The program comprises all innovation technologies of automated testing in JS;
  3. Numerous webinars and home tasks and the feedback from instructors make studying as efficient and dynamic as possible.

Course length: from 4 months, approx. 4 hours a day.

Price: starts from $750 for the course.

Coursera courses

Even if you are new to quality assurance or an expert, the Coursera website will definitely help you find the material that will help you learn new skills or improve the ones you already have.

The platform contains numerous programs and learning materials that are created by the best colleges and universities from all over the world (such as the IBM university, Colorado/Minnesota college).

All courses take the requirements of end-users into account, therefore, you don’t need to worry about the dynamic experience and acquiring new skills.

It won’t be a problem to find a job as a software tester after passing these courses.


  • Courses are conducted by best tutors and instructors;
  • You will learn the basic concepts of web testing;
  • You will have constant access to learning materials, that will help you broaden your professional experience.

Course length: is chosen by a student.

Price: subscription costs from $50.

Rate: 4.5 out of 5.

QA Lead (Otus)

This course will help QA specialists not only broaden their career perspectives but will also help you change your professional activity if you are, for example, a system analyst or developer.

You just need to have real experience in software testing to access these courses.

Studying is built in the way that every student will be able to acquire new soft skills and improve the ones he/she already has: from a process of creating a team and conducting job interviews to the types of building a test model and managing bugs.


  1. You will understand your personal development plan and get familiar with the OKR methodology;
  2. You will be able to create personal testing strategies;
  3. You will obtain a personal certificate of completing the courses;
  4. Best graduates will be invited to work in companies that collaborate with the Otus platform.

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