Main Telecommunications Trends in 2021

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The latest events of the past year have had a significant impact on the overall development of telecommunications. According to the data of world analytical agencies, the volume of global telecom markets decreased by 1.7% from the total indicators of 2019.

And to keep a leading position in a certain area, including in the field of telecommunications, firms must quickly adapt to the varied environment and try to implement their own trends.

What is relevant in 2021 and how can software testing help in this? Let’s see further in this article.

1. Global Digitalization of Services and Related Processes

Widespread digitalization has been able to change radically the classic format of providing services, including the field of telecommunications services as well. For example, last year, due to the rapid popularization of eSIM and virtual activation of SIM cards, their physical number significantly decreased.

The formation of a digital workplace allows optimizing communication and productivity processes. It is also worth noting that OTT (over-the-top) technology has replaced cable TV. The growth of digital TV connectivity has also almost doubled during the quarantine period and is likely to grow in the next 2022.

2. Application of Total Experience

The total experience of end-users, firm customers, and employees greatly helps to develop a more generalized view of software. If earlier IT strategies, for the most part, have been developed based on the desires of individual customers, then the overall experience makes it possible to develop multifunctional interaction between customers and business. This significantly reduces fixed costs and expenses during the creation/modification of any given software.

For example, multivector analysis of software solutions allows you to find various bugs and creates the basis for optimizing test coverage. This means that multi-experience will continue to be in demand during the preparation of the final release.

3. Automation of Services and Processes

To have time to do more and more work, as well as significantly reduce risks on a project, the basics of software testing automation have gradually moved from the category of an additional service to the category of a mandatory attribute.

If earlier firms optimized separately built processes, at this moment we’re talking about automation that covers absolutely all business ecosystems on a large scale.


Some of the telecommunication trends in 2021 only strengthened their positions, while the other part became a real breakthrough. Nevertheless, if a company wants to stay at the top in the IT market environment, it is necessary not only to follow trends but also to maintain the level of developed web products.

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