The Benefits of Automated Mobile App Testing Service

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Due to some effective investigation of the situation wherein automated mobile user interface testing was performed we can know about the benefits of this process. The question is not a module testing but namely user interface testing for a final version of a mobile application. And this process is carried out on the real mobile device!

In general, mobile app testing service is provided to ensure the quality of mobile application by uncovering all the issues at all stages of the development lifecycle for better reliability and efficiency of the program. The service helps to test performance and functional requirements to make sure that the manufactured product will delight its users.

Visual designs of mobile gadgets became more involved, screen sizes get bigger, and the devices themselves grow in number, the work of mobile developer gets harder and more challenging. And then it makes sense to use automated tools to replace some human qualities.

The Necessity of Automate Mobile Application Testing

In the first instance, this way of validation helps to ensure a higher quality of your software and improve the mood of the testers.

What does the idea consist? In most cases, only human resources are used for mobile app testing: the tester starts launching a mobile app on IPad,  IPhone 3, IPhone 4 and if the efforts are not successful, this specialist runs the program on a couple of Android platforms and GalaxyTab.

80 percents of testing may include the following steps: [checklist type=, “e.g., checked, dotted, arrowed” margin_bottom=”no”]

  • Run a mobile app, make sure that it does not fail;
  • click a location bar, make sure that all the entries are available;
  • click one of the entries, make sure that there a description available.

Such tests are run after every mobile app release and they take long.  Mobile testing companies can run your application against any kind of mobile device!

Luckily, one day many users encountered a web automation framework – Selenium – that allowed to record the tester’s work, step by step, through a special browser plugin (everybody should remember macros in MS Word) and then reproduce all operations carried out by the specialist, with automated analysis of the testing results.

Tests can be run in different browsers! Top software testing companies have used this effective solution and it really works. Development efforts appear to have paid off.

In comparison with web development, mobile development sphere is still young and it is surprising to know that there are so many good solutions for user interface test automation.


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