10 Advices on Becoming a Professional Tester

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Not everyone can claim the title of a dedicated tester. Software testing requires a truly unique set of skills. The best software testers are those individuals who always try to expand their knowledge base and prefer learning testing strategies. By the way, good testers do their best to be better than they are.

So, what is the secret of being the best software tester?

Get familiar with 10 recommendations on how to get a success in a career as a tester.

Quality is Above All. Dear testers, please, never pursue quantity. Identification of crucial errors and inconsistencies allows a software testing company or developers to understand the problems 10 times better than just checking for the number of bugs.

Prioritization. According to the rule “Quality above Quantity”, it is essentially important to prioritize what you test. First of all, you are recommended to test the most important components of an app but not those that are faster to test. Due to this, you will be able to identify the most serious defects at first.  

Go Into Practice &  Improve Written Communication Skills. Good testers should have excellent written communication skills so that to write good test cases, bug reports, etc.  

Learn From the Mistakes of Others.  Everyone makes mistakes, but learning not from your mistakes but that of others will help you make a good tester, maybe a dedicated one.

Be Impersonal &  Professional.  Every time you test something looks with new eyes at this. You should impartially appreciate the software product being tested by you and forget the past experience, work with a clear conscience (be open-minded and open-hearted). Objectiveness is a key to success.

Don’t  be Awkward With Software.  Attempt to think broadly. Learn the software “test it in order to crack” and be ready to suggest the measures on its improvement. These are the qualities that distinguish bad and good software testers.

Make Inquiries. Get confirmation to everything: Does the app work as expected? Does it perform on all devices and platforms? Does it function despite the way it is used?

Think Like a User. Remember, your aim is to find the defects till the software comes to the user’s hand. Relate your technical skills with brainwork of the end user and you are certain to begin to identify the most serious errors.

Improve Efficient of Bug Reports.  Attaching screenshots and submitting the detailed bug reports you provide the developer with information he/she is in need of in order to understand what causes the defect so that to fix it.

Be Passionate. In order to succeed in any field, including software testing service you should be very interested in what you are doing.

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