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It turns out that even such rational people with well-developed logic from top testing companies, as developers believe the myths. Some programmers believe in what they want to believe, against all odds.

For example, the classic misconception is that you can accelerate the development of the project by adding more developers. But this myth was dispelled in 1975.

Nowadays, there are also a number of myths about programmers. Let’s read and think which are real and which one should be explode.

Myth #1. Offshore Software Development

At present days, no sane person thinks about starting a large software project without “offshore” strategy. All the main software testing services providers do so. Indeed, the investors from the Silicon Valley insist on this approach. Everything sounds logic: one can involve more developers for less money, which means that you can release the project earlier and save money.

According to Frederick Brooks: “ Involving people to software development increases the total load in three ways: disintegration, training new people and additional communication”.

Myth #2. Professional Developers Work 24/7

Well-known stereotype: programmers “are coding” day and night, pizza and energy drink -their best friends, they operate on weekends and are seldom at home. Of course, there’s a lot of truth. According to medical research, programmers are in fifth place among the “sleep-deprived” professions.

A long working day is not uncommon, especially those developers who work in game testing companies.Some developers are satisfied with the work “to the point of collapse”, but most of them have families, friends, and privacy, as well as all people. They would be happy to leave the Office at 18.00. So that instead of encouraging coders for overtime work, it is better to focus on why they should be detained and how to fix it. They will appreciate it much more than free pizza at 1 AM.

Myth #3. Cool Developers are in 10 Times More Productive Than the Rest

It’s hard to find really good developers, but great coders are a legend, or, at least, the legends of local scale. If you believe in fairy tales, the rumor has it that somewhere out there, there’re so many experienced hackers that are ,an order of magnitude, more productive t than the average programmer.

Myth #4. Modern Tools Provide Better Results

The software is a high-tech business, and as a majority want to believe that technology can solve all problems. It would be nice if a new programming languages, framework or development environment reduced costs, reduced time limits on market entry, as well as improved code quality. Many companies have tried to use non-traditional languages, to beat competitors.

The first version of social network Yammer is written in Scala. Twitter started life as a Ruby on Rails application. Reddit and Yahoo Store were both built using Lisp. Unfortunately, most such experiments are short-lived. Yammer switched to Java when Scala was unable to provide normal functioning. Twitter switched from Ruby to Scala, then partially in Java. Reddit rewrote their code on Phyton. Yahoo Store migrated to C++ and Perl.

It means that tools selection don’t  matter. In particular, in server environments, where scalability is as important as performance. But, as we can see, many companies switched from more trendy to traditional solutions.

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