List of Software Testing Companies That Execute Test Cases

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First of all, we should explore the definition of the test case, right? Test cases are a set of steps taken to verify whether a system, application or one of their features is performing as expected. They can be considered as a checklist of sorts.

The test case is a document which contains a testing data set, preconditions, postconditions, expected results that are developed for a certain scenario to check the compliance with a specific requirement. It is an executable test that investigates all aspects among which not only inputs or outputs of a system and gives a detailed summary of the steps that need to be taken. The steps that are explained in a test case contain all the details even if they are supposed to be a common knowledge.

It is a starting point for a test to be executed, and after implementing a set of input values the app has a defined outcome while leaving the system at some endpoint, or it is also referred to as execution postcondition. Test cases are used as the reference guide and technical explanation for systems.

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Before setting for testing a software product you should carefully read the requirements document. As soon as you understand its provisions, realize what you are expected to do, you will need to translate the specifications into a small set of tests meant to ensure that all desirable features specified in requirements are available and working as it was established for them to do. Test cases usually fail based on functionality, though a test case design features much flexibility. The main challenge is to divide tests into manageable and concise groups to the effect that it can make functional and logical sense.

Performance testing company provides its services to ensure that the system can handle certain workloads. Performance testing requires specialized skills and unique mindset so that to write successful functional test cases. The specialists of the company have these qualities and can do their work in the most efficient way.   

Positive Tests

A positive test is a “Happy Path” scenario. When writing a positive test you arrange your test case so as to make the system/product behave as it is expected to. After taking these planned steps, we hope to achieve a satisfactory result. Creation of a defect follows the failure of the test.

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Negative Tests

Negative tests are steps taken to ensure that a testable system/product does not do things that are not expected to. The test is performed by supplying invalid data as input. It required creativity and out-of-the-box thinking and designed to crack the system. If the test does not result in an error, then a defect is created.


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