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Software testing service – the verification of conformity between the real and the expected behavior of the program that is carried out on the final set of tests that are selected in a certain way.

In a broader sense, software testing – is one of the techniques of quality control, which includes test management, test design, test execution and test analysis.

Software quality assurance services – is a set of software features relating to its ability to meet the established and perceived needs.

Verification – is the process of the system evaluating or its components in order to determine whether the results of the current development phase suit the conditions, formed at the beginning of this phase.

Validation – is the definition of compliance of the developed software towards users needs/expectations and system requirements.

One can also meet some other interpretation: “The process of a product compliance with the explicit requirements (specifications) – is verification, at the same time the product conformity with assessment and users requirements/expectations – is validation.”

Also often found the following definition of these concepts:

  • Validation – “is this the right specification?”
  • Verification – “is the system correct to specification?”

Objectives of Software Test Services

  • To increase the probability that application which is designed for testing will work correctly under all conditions.
  • To increase the probability that application which is designed for testing will meet all the requirements.
  • The provision of the relevant information about the product state when it’s required.

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